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Perhaps you are saving for a specific goal or investing a lump sum for capital growth, an income, or both. Deciding how best to invest can be a difficult decision.

When making any decision, be it in everyday life or in relation to an investment, there is an element of risk, it just cannot be avoided, however in understanding the risks we can begin to manage and minimise them.

Different funds take different levels of risk. Some are relatively low risk and might invest primarily in cash. Others are very risky, perhaps investing in new small companies or emerging markets with the hope of high returns. There is then everything else in between to suit all risk profiles.

Higher risk investments usually provide higher rates of return, however taking more risk can lead to exposure to greater volatility in value, which doesn't suit everyone. A lower risk investment isn't completely risk free as having cash in the bank with low interest rates puts the value of your savings at risk from erosion by inflation.

Understanding your feelings about risk is key in determining what sort of portfolio of investments is right for you. Along with looking at the upside, we will also look at what the downside could look like. We will spend time discussing and agreeing the right risk strategy for your portfolio. A diversified investment portfolio provides a way to maintain and build wealth over the long term.

When saving for a specific goal it is important to see if this goal is achievable given the risk strategy, contributions and time frame.

An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a tax efficient wrapper for regular savings or lump sums subject to an annual allowance. If you don’t use your annual allowance it will be lost as it cannot be carried forward to the following tax year. Investors do not pay tax on any interest or dividends received from the investment held in an ISA, nor pay Capital Gains Tax on any gains made on the disposal of the ISA.

As an Independent Financial Adviser with Julian Harris Financial Consultants I am not tied to particular providers nor restricted to particular products which means I can work on your behalf to provide an individually tailored solution to ensure you have sound foundations in place on which to build for the future.

Providing a professional, confidential and friendly service I will spend time with you understanding your current circumstances and future goals. Following research and analysis I will present a financial plan in line with your objectives which we can put in place over a suitable time frame.

Importantly, we will set up regular reviews to adapt your investment plans to respond to any changes in your circumstances, whilst ensuring the plans continue to meet your needs.

As with all investments, your capital is at risk. Past performance is not an indicator of future results and future returns are not guaranteed.

Philip McCarthy is an Adviser of Julian Harris Financial Consultants, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 153566 Co No. 3927189. Registered office: Julian Harris House, Musgrove, Ashford, Kent. TN23 7UN

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